Family Playground

Family Playground



As Siegal Kids, we enjoy coding as much as our mom! We have made many projects on Unity either on our own or as a collaborative project. Check out our games on the games page and have fun playing each and every one of them!


In the music page, you will find a collection of music that we have performed or composed. This includes our band, the Tiger Cubs, with links to our virtual quarantine concerts, as well as holiday greetings parodies from every year since 2013, and original songs we composed on Noteflight!


On this page, you will find a variety of different visual projects that we made. From GIFs to TV shows, to stop motion animation, we have done it all! Check all of them out on the visual page!


Welcome to our Siegal Fam website, a home for our coding, music, animation, video, and art projects. Most of the photos featured in headings are from our 2014 vacation in Maine.

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